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Including X-rays, Ultrasound, blood analysis and more!

Digital X-ray System

​Our hospital was one of the first in the region to make the shift from film to digital x-rays. With digital x-rays instead, of the traditional film and cassette method for displaying x-rays, the images are captured electronically and displayed on a computer screen. What this means for you and your pet is that the x-rays are available much quicker and with less fuss, meaning a quicker diagnosis and piece of mind for you. The quality of the final image is much better than with film, images can be zoomed and contrasts altered where necessary, to help ensure a more accurate diagnosis can be made.


The hospital has a modern, powerful yet portable ultrasound system which, with our trained ultrasonographer, means that most ultrasounds are done in the consult room while you watch. Ultrasound is a powerful tool to investigate any soft tissue growths, check organ health, diagnose bladder and gall stones, confirm pregnancy, check for any reproductive problems, check heart health or find any free fluid in the chest or abdomen region, and many more diagnostic features.


These are used to investigate (look up or down) any orifice where they can be inserted. The hospital has two of these for patients of all sizes. We use these to look up nasal passages, down airways and into lung spaces, even for sampling and removal of small foreign bodies. We are able to look down throats to search for obstructions and into stomachs and duodenums for any concern of foreign bodies or tumours. Or colonoscopies in cases of chronic diarrhoea.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

​Used to monitor hearts which may not be beating properly and gives a good view of the electrical conduction of the heart, to assist in the diagnosis of any heart conditions.

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NiBP)

Measuring blood pressure in animals is becoming much more common. High blood pressure can lead to secondary conditions such as strokes and bleeding/ pressure in the eyes. With our equipment, we can monitor animals with conditions that predispose them to high blood pressure such, as kidney disease and high thyroid issues.

Surgical Equipment

With our surgical theatre, we have all we need to perform almost all surgeries - from caesarians to cruciate repairs, repairing broken bones to complicated eye surgery, as well as surgery of the abdomen and thorax. We have a veterinary specific multi-parameter monitor with a plethysmograph sensor which helps us monitor your pet during critical care, anaesthesia and recovery.

Blood Testing

All our blood testing is performed within our in-house lab. 

We offer complete comprehensive blood analysis, testing over 20 different parameters, which covers all the major organs. On-site, we have microscope and lab facilities to deal with bacterial swabs and needle aspirates of lumps and tumours, or to diagnose any ear infections. We also have our very own Vet-Scan diagnostic machine, which allows us to perform in-house testing, such as Progesterone testing, thyroid and cortisol testing. Our Q-Lab machine also allows us to test for blood clotting factors, such as prothrombin times, in case of poison ingestions or immune deficiencies causing clotting issues. 

Looking to the future

​Finally, we believe in using the most updated and best treatments we can find and offer. Recent therapies to have been performed in clinic, include  faecal transplants in both dogs and cats, with haemorrhagic gastro-enterititis caused by a clostridium difficile, in all cases we have seen a near miraculous recovery! We also offer chemotherapy options, when it comes to certain cancers and the use of ultra-slow release insulin in diabetic cats, which has resulted in remission of the diabetes in 90% of cases.

Don't hesitate in coming to see us when it comes to all of your pet's needs

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