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Black Dog


Preventative Care

Dentistry & Orthodontics

​Your dog and cat’s teeth and bite is very important. So not only do we carry out routine dental work and cleaning but we also do fillings.

​We work to repair tooth fractures and enamel defects as well as root canal treatments so your pet doesn’t need to lose important teeth.

We also apply orthodontics to correct your dogs bite and have had excellent results in this. Dogs with braces are possible and is something we enjoy doing to help your pet and it may not be as difficult as you think.

August Is Dental Month! 

Come down during the month of August, where we dedicate a whole month to the promotion of dental health and hygiene. We offer free nurses dental checks, where one of our lovely nurses will assist with checking your dogs teeth and discussing any potential dental treatment needing to be performed or help you with some preventative measures to help ensure your pets teeth are kept clean and healthy. During dental month we provide free samples and we always run a promotion where you can go in the draw to win some amazing prizes or offer discounted rates on our dental procedures. 

(Different promotions are run each year)

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