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How far do we go?

We feel that 'quality of life' is always more important than 'quantity of life'. This raises the moral dilemma of how far should we go, using modern technological advances of medicine, to prolong the lives of our pets? Is it fair for a pet to have continuing treatment when a cure is not possible? How do we make the right decision?

​Sometimes, everything that can be done is, perhaps, not what should be done. Each animal and situation is different. When decision time comes, we will help you, although we cannot make this decision for you.

Making the decision to euthanase your pet is a very difficult one and trying to work out when, is probably even harder. Whatever the circumstances, we will always support you and your decision without judgement.

The following questions may help you decide if the time is right:

  1. ​Is the condition prolonged, recurring or getting worse?

  2. Is the condition no longer responding to treatment?

  3. Is my pet in pain or otherwise suffering either physically or mentally?

  4. Is it no longer possible to alleviate pain or suffering?

  5. If my pet recovers, are they likely to be critically ill, invalid or unable to care for themselves?

​​If the answer to all of these questions is 'yes', then euthanasia is a sensible, simple and humane solution.

​If, however, you answered 'no' to several of these questions, you can ask yourself the following:

  1. Can I provide the necessary care to maintain quality of life?

  2. Will providing this care seriously interfere with or create serious problems for myself and my family?

  3. Will the cost of the treatment be unbearably expensive? ​

The euthanasia procedure is very simple and quick. You may either choose to be present or you may leave us to take care of this for you. Likewise, euthanasia can be carried out at home or at the Vet Hospital.

If you wish, cremation can be arranged or you may take your pet home for a private burial.

Cremation Services

Lawnswood are our preferred provider. They are situated in Perth and they provide an efficient, reliable and quality service.

They have a large range of cremation options to choose from and vessels and engraving options are specialised to each one. 

One of our lovely nurses will be happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the many options available and help explain the whole process, providing you with support and information, to make the whole situation as comfortable as we can. 

We understand how hard it is to lose a much loved family member, so we are always here to listen and provide support where needed. 

Please see the link below for more information, product availability and prices for all urns and aftercare services, through Lawnswood.

We have also provided a link to a pet loss and grief support website which can provide you with the necessary support and tools in coping and dealing with the loss of your much loved family member.  

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