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Blair Street Veterinary Hospital Family




I am a farm boy from Ireland and grew up surrounded by animals of all sorts. I studied in Edinburgh and then worked back in Ireland before moving to Tanzania (East Africa) where I set up and ran a small animal/pet horse practice which also tended many exotic pets such as primates, zebras, hedgehogs, wildebeest, native birds, poultry and snakes. The most memorable (and saddest) was treating a baby orphaned chimpanzee whose mother had been killed by poachers and was destined to be sold to some rich Saudis before being rescued. ​ I moved to Australia in 2006 with my lovely wife and three children and am now a fair dinkum Aussie. I am interested in dermatology and surgery and relish any case that presents a challenge.




I was born and grew up in South Africa, where I could always be found foraging around in the bush and I used to spend hours snake collecting and bird watching. After graduating at The Faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort, in 1982, my first job was, as a small animal vet in Cape Town. I married and moved to Zimbabawe in 1986, where my husband I and proceeded to run a mixed Veterinary Practice as well as a farm. We attended to a large variety of animals, including the normal, as well as wildlife such as elephant, pangolins, snakes and numerous antelope species which were farmed around our area. In 2002, I Moved to Australia with my husband and four children where I joined McGregors for a short period (Now Blair street Vets). Since then, I have worked in numerous mixed and small practices. My passion is Animal welfare work, and in the past 10 years I have spent a lot of time doing volunteer work in third world countries doing mainly sterilisation and vaccination programs in places where killer diseases such as distemper, parvo, and rabies are still rife. My most memorable stint to date, was working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where together with a team of 3 other vets, I operated on the very valuable Blood hounds used to track Gorilla poachers and human kidnappers, and sterilised and vaccinated a large number of local dogs in the war ravaged area of Virunga which is home to the very endangered Mountain Gorilla. I love the variety that being a Veterinarian offers and always strive to find the very best solution to any problem that happens to come my way.


Practice Manager

As practice manager of Blair Street Veterinary Hospital, I consider myself privileged to be working alongside such knowledgeable and kind people who are committed to the care of all the animals that come to our clinic. If you have a new puppy, I hope you can come along to our puppy preschool. As an almost qualified dog trainer, would also be able to assist you with any training questions or help you and your dog. ​ I moved to Bunbury from Perth after selling my retail Florist business of more than 30 years to allow me a few more hours in the day to actually stop and smell the roses. In my spare time when I am not enjoying working, I love spending time with my gorgeous dogs, training with them and surprising people how many different tricks a stubborn Dachshund can learn!  I am an avid gardener with a particular interest in collecting rare and hard to find house plants.



Head Veterinary Nurse

I joined the practice in February 1990, working alongside Alan McGregor who I am forever indebted to for giving me a start. I love the contact with the various animals and expanding my knowledge and skills. You never stop learning in this job which is one of the great things about it. I have four Shih Tzu dogs who are much loved, as well as being show dogs in their spare time. I am a longstanding member of the Canine Association of WA and also involved with the Shih Tzu Club of Victoria Inc. for whom I am a committee member and editor of their last historical record book. At home, I enjoy my dogs, various crafts, cooking, computing,gardening and listening to music. I like to sing while I work which is not always a good thing!


Registered Veterinary Nurse

At my job interview, when Dr John asked me if I could sing, I thought I would never get this job! But to my surprise, here I am. I started here at the clinic in January 2014, after graduating from the Denmark Agricultural College, where I was Highest Academic Achiever in 2012 and Runner-Up in 2013. I come from a farming background in Kojonup. On our farm, we did cropping and farmed sheep and cattle. Moving to Bunbury was quite a change of scenery! I own a horse, two dogs and a cat. I enjoy riding horses and working with animals, especially going home to help on the farm. ​ I completed my Certificate IV in Vet Nursing at TAFE in 2015 - just over a year since joining Blair Street Veterinary Hospital in 2014. I have always wanted to be a vet nurse so I was grateful to be offered the traineeship at Blair Street Vet Hospital.


Trainee Veterinary Nurse

During 2020, I was given the privilege to be apart of the Blair Street Veterinary Hospital team. ​ I'm currently undergoing my veterinary nursing studies through South Metropolitan TAFE along with completing my workplace based traineeship. I've lived locally my entire life and have a deep interest in all things animal related. Ive been fortunate to have grown up on a hobby farm and am passionate about my small family of animals. ​ I have 2 horses, 2 dogs and a small flock of show poultry. I regularly compete in equestrian events, where I challenge myself with variety of different disciplines. Schooling wise, I owe a debt of gratitude to WA college of agriculture- Harvey, in which I graduated from in 2019, studying and completing many agricultural based certificates and ATAR. At home, you can often find me bush riding, in the vege patch or sitting around with my dogs and chickens.



Animal Attendant

I wanted to work with animals from as early as I can remember, so at the age of 14, I volunteered at my local vet hospital, in Albany. When I was 15 years old, they offered me a job! Since then, I have worked at a variety of of small and mixed animal practices, as well as grooming salons and boarding kennels throughout the southwest and Queensland.  I love what I do and enjoy helping animals and their owners.  I live with my teenage son, Ashley, my two dogs (Lewie + Astro), my two cats (Minnie Pep + Ziggy) and my love bird (Winky). All my pets keep me busy.  I also have a passion for rescuing and caring for injured and orphaned wildlife, from time to time, with the goal of releasing them back to where they belong.




I was born in Subiaco and went to school in Como, Applecross and University of WA. I then went on to the University of Melbourne where I qualified as a Veterinarian. My first jobs were in mixed practice in the Warrnambool area in Victoria and Canberra. I moved to New Zealand in 1976 where I worked in Auckland and then 'heaven on earth' at Cambridge. ​ After my son was born, we moved back to Melbourne, practicing at Keilor, Flemington and Mornington, and finally settling in Bunbury after the birth of my daughter. In November 1981, I founded the McGregor Veterinary Clinic which became a very successful mixed practice. ​ My special interest is horses, and although I semi-retired in 2012, I still interpret bloods for racing animals. I have a great life now being grandfather to 3 fantastic grandchildren and I am just busy enough to be happy. ​ ​


Clinic Cat

In charge of feline relations and cat scans, you may be greeted by me at the counter by jumping on your shoulder for a hug. Depends on my mood. I am also known for trying to memorize pin numbers at the eftpos machine, I just haven't worked out what to do with the numbers yet!
I promise to always leave white hair on your clothes.


Door Dog

I am a Dachshund and new meet & greet girl at the clinic. I have been at the clinic since I was 3 days old when my Mum was a bit sick and struggling to feed me and my 7 siblings. I was lucky enough to be fostered by another mum who fed me. I now help with all of our clinic Puppy Preschool classes and will either happily wag my tail or bark at you when you come say hello. I love treats and tummy tickles so please feel free to give me either of those. (I don't like Briggs, but don't tell him!)

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