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Veterinary Victory Visit

Putting the treat into treatment!

  • 15 min
  • Blair Street

Service Description

Our veterinary victory visits are aimed at addressing anxiety and fear related behaviour by assessing the trauma triggers your dog may have when it comes to visiting the vet. Our goal is to encourage a stress-free and calm experience, for both you and your dog. Our veterinary victory visits are 1 on 1, with our IMDT qualified fear free based trainer. As we understand some dogs hate coming to see us, we would love to provide reassurance and training through - - Positive reinforcement - Reward based training - 1 on 1 visits during a quiet time, with no other dogs present - Relaxed environment - Knowledgeable and comprehensive training advice - Enrichment ideas and training you can implement at home - Muzzle training if required This is so that each time they come to visit us they feel more at ease and it also provides a safer work environment for our vet staff. As we understand that some dogs may never be truly a fan of coming in to see us, we want to just ensure it is a manageable experience for you and for us and reduces the stress levels / trauma for your dog. The best part is, for a limited time, these victory visits are completely free! The sessions are 15 minutes in duration.

Contact Details

  • 72 Blair Street, Bunbury WA, Australia

    08 9721 6778

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